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Slabflapper is a fictional character, evil alter-ego of Matt and could be considered the main antagonist of the podcast. His most notable appearances are in the Halloween special Episode 031, where his backstory was very much fleshed out, the story arc happening between Episodes 050-052, and the 2012 Xmas Special.

Slabflapper is also the scapegoat for everything going wrong during the production of Episode 019, and also makes an appearance at the beginning of the episode.


Being an alter-ego of Matt, Slabflapper resembles Matt with some various differences. He looks as if he was rendered in Microsoft Paint, and his skin is a blue color, referencing that he's Matt's "negative". He has fangs and claws in many depictions.


Slabflapper first apperances were on a forum that is now extinct the GamesRadar forums. He commented on the Random Assault threads in TalkRadar General.  Slabflapper hates Matt for trying to destroy him on a cliffside in Scotland years ago. He vowed his revenge and posed as Tony's long-lost grandfather, luring the Random Assault hosts to an abandoned, haunted castle for Episode 031. It was there that he tried to do away with them for good, but Mitch simply annoyed him to death, seemingly causing him to explode.

He returned surprisingly at the end of Episode 050, to a loud din. This attack was foreshadowed at the end of Episode 049, which features an SSTV signal after the closing song. If one were to translate the signal, it reveals an image of Slabflapper. In Episode 051, we find out that the Random Assault hosts had been killed, presumably by Slabflapper. However, David from The POW Block revived the crew using Mitch's skull at the beginning of Episode 052.

Slabflapper made a surprise return during the 2012 Xmas special, vowing to destroy Random Assault for good. He teams up with the Krampus, and both capture Mitch in order to lure the others to the Krampus' Keep. Slabflapper's rage gets the better of him during arguments with the Krampus, who then proceeds to strip Slabflapper of all of his power. Slabflapper attempts to ruin Christmas and attack the hosts after the Krampus has been killed, but discovers that his powers truly were taken away by the Krampus, which leads to the hosts attacking him in a melee. It is implied that Slabflapper was beaten to death, considering he no longer has any powers.

Slabflapper is also prevalent in ruining other hosts of the shows lives. Slabflapper manage to get on Kate Reilly's resume, which made employers think she was mentally retarded.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Believe it or not, Mitch is the actual voice actor for Slabflapper. The eerie effect is gained by pitch-shifting multiple duplicate tracks to the high and low end.

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