RA Mitch

The FactsEdit

  • Age: 25
  • Sex: HAHAH he wishes
  • Star Sign: Capricorn
  • Blood Type: Annoying
  • Dwelling Place: Pennsylvania


Mitch Rozetar, destroyer of laughter. His response to puns or clever statements is to say the most generic go to joke leaving Alex & Kate in unison telling him to shut up or just be silent out of frustration.

Has Catholic parents, which has ruined him as a person; he's desperately trying to recover, with all of the grace of a hippo with Parkinson's on ice skates.


Favorite game is The World Ends With You. But of course, you already know this as he'll practically divulge this information to any random person on the street who might even have the faintest interest. His favorite show is Gurren Lagann, but you also already knew that for the exact same reason listed above.

Always talks about the animes, to the point where 90% of the episode forum threads were about anime for a short while. He is an animo faggot.


For those not in the know, Mitch is the one who composed the Random Assault theme song, "Assault!", under the name Magnetar. The theme proved to be surprisingly catchy and fellow host Alex Cabral has done more than a few remixes since its inception. A revised, "definitive" edition of the theme, "Assault! Gattai-Mix" was released just in time for Episode 050. The song can be downloaded here.

His one crowning achievment in the department of humor was the invention of the phrase "kooky spooky gooks", during the first Halloween special (Episode 031).

Ever since around Episode 022, he has been the main music editor for the podcast, and therefore is usually the person responsible for the finalized audio file of a given episode.

Serves as the substitute banner artist for the podcast when Alex is unable to make one. Hey, at least his degree in Animation is going towards SOMETHING, am I right?

Gurren Lagann yai yo yai yo give it up Spoonman!

His motherEdit

Mrs. Mitch is overbearing due to her son being a fuck up.

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