RA 180

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Length: 3:12:41

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch

Guest: Breener

Intro: Alex whispering ASMR relay of favorite sounds

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Stories and Quotes


  • A circumstance I had to be Matt's mom.
  • Matt - Like real life.
  • Alex - Fucking coffee sausage.
  • Irish question, how drunk are you?
  • Breener - 10.
  • Alex - Color Green. Is it true the green Ireland and Orange Ireland?
  • Breener - Green Catholic, south Republic, North Protestant Union, white is the peace.
  • Matt - So U2 ended the war forever.
  • Kate - Bono.
  • Matt - Bonno is the retarded brother.
  • Matt - Do you have a mafia?
  • Breener - I don't know about mafia but we have gangs. We have a place called Stab City. Limerick.
  • Breener - Dr. Seuss is Irish. We claim everybody.
  • Kate - It's racism in reverse. Everyone claims you.
  • Matt - We need an English guy on next week.
  • Kate - No we tried that for like 3 years.
  • Matt - I'll find all the times he ever talked so we can fill 15 minutes.
  • Alex - AHAHAHAH That's really good. (witch laughter)
  • A circumstance I had to be Matt's mom.
  • Matt - Like real life?
  • Alex - Fucking coffee sausage.
  • I have a serious question. How fucking sick are you answering questions about living in Ireland?
  • Breener - The thing is I live in Ireland so people don't ask me those questions. I'm happy that episode I was on was Tony's favorite episode.
  • Alex - Aww I wish it was for a better person. Learning to speak British with Phony Johnson.
  • Minions why so popular? Simplistic design and spew nonsense.
  • Matt - I'm depressed, they're fucking everywhere! But it's so big I can't get mad.
  • Alex - The second you see a 12 year old girl you'll be like fuck this!
  • Matt - No it's not that. I want to fuck her then I have to think about that entire movie.
  • Mitch - They're always 12.
  • Matt - They're always 12! It's nothing but a joke anyway.I would not care because they're cartoons and not real anyway. Am I the only 1 that would fuck Alice in Wonderland?
  • Mitch - I wouldn't.
  • Kate - I can see you trying to fuck her but then you're in her ass because it's nonsense.
  • Matt - When she talks, she sounds like an adult even though she's a child. It confuses me.
  • Ant Man is a fast talking Thief guy an he's stealing all your jokes.
  • Matt - My ad holds fast to the comics in the 60's.
  • Kate - He needs to let go.
  • Matt - No he just needs to die, but he keeps hanging from the ceiling and he won't stop shitting in my mouth.
  • Alex - Mark!
  • Breener - Did you call me Mark WTF?
  • Alex- I met you when you were 13 WTF.
  • Kate - It's sad that you listened to us in your formidable years.
  • Breener - I'm going to film myself jerking off in black an white and call it the greatest art piece ever.
  • Kate - Schlinder's list but with cum.
  • Matt - Someday I'll make the video of me jerking off in front of a mirror and then jerking off of a video of me, jerking my self off in the mirror so it's 5 jerking offs.
  • Matt - I can't make a Patreon official. I'm not filing out a i9. The government will come after us.
  • Kate - Look the ultimate fate of the show is Random Assault vs. the US government would get so many downloads.


We jumped the shark at episode 50.

  • Alex - We jumped the shark before our best episodes?
  • Matt - It could be worse. We could be Game Grumps.
  • Kate - No the people that came to us first came to bad content and awkward tension. We don't have that anymore. We lost our edge.
  • Alex - Is Maxi-B still around?
  • Kate - He went to college and now an aviation engineer.

Let's do a 180. I'm happy and well adjusted. I have lots of money. I am physically fit.

  • Mitch - I'm a black guy dating a white woman.
  • Kate - Oh my god.
  • Matt - And I have no problem with that... Mitch.
  • Alex - And I don't care about anything and I'm not stressed and I do nothing.
  • Kate - I care about everything and soo much. I'm active and I participate. I'm Reilly the Kate
  • Mitch - That's my favorite Sonic fan character.
  • Mitch-I don't work on a banner for 2 years only for you to fuck up the show.
  • Alex - Why is my voice Kate?
  • Matt - I am 180 Matt.
  • Alex - I don't know why that's funny.
  • Matt - I'm 180 Matt. I would never call Breener a Drunk Irish Mic because I'm 180 Matt.
  • Kate - Or a Potato demon.
  • Breener - I don't know what a Potato Demon is.
  • Kate - You fly house to house taking potatoes away causing famine.
  • Matt - You monster!
  • They did 1 season of Sons of Anarchy in Ireland but it was filmed in Southern California.
  • The Birth of a Nation
  • Everyone is joining our Sodomy Festival.
  • Breener - We were the first to pass it by National vote.
  • I didn't know Coughman was black.
  • Matt - That's why avoid everything west of the Mississippi.
  • (Matt) You faggot. Shut up I hate the show.
  • Alex - You're vulgar and mean.
  • Kate - Whatever cuntfart.
  • For Vacancy I was the only person there. Made the movie better.
  • For kids they think Arnold is only a politician.
  • Alex - Oh my god! That's how people feel about Reagan. Oh fuck!
  • Mitch you are a fag. That's true.

Matt eats ass.


The Jew pedophile

  • Alex - There's a lot of Jew pedophiles in Star Wars. That's like the whole movie.
  • Matt - Well a Jew pedophile made the movie.
  • Mitch - Jewbacca.
  • Alex - God damn it.
  • Kate - He didn't get the medal because he would have sold the gold.
  • Matt - He would have hid it in his nose.
  • Alex - I don't like these jokes.
  • Matt - Mitch told me he was a secret Jew. He messaged me on Wii U message board.
  • Mitch - Matt on Miiverse drew a 3 foot tongue licking an asshole of a bear.
  • Matt - It was supposed to be my cat.
  • Mitch - I drew a long dick with it being licked like a candy cane.
  • Matt - I drew a 7 tittied cow and it was Gay marriage that did this.
  • Mitch - It's like the Pony Express.
  • Kate - Back then you had to make your own fun.
  • Matt - Last pic was a gun to my head labeled furry agenda. It's incredibly violent and fun.
  • No I say water. Hey waiter bring me my waiter.
  • Mitch - Hey water bring me my waiter.
  • Matt - I'm sorry, I'm very drank.
  • You should have kept arguing.
  • Alex - I'm sticking with English.
  • Kate - It must be a potato.
  • Breener - The answer is always potato.
  • I wish I could call Hollander Cooper a dickhead.
  • Comedians been making fun of political correctness for the past 25 years.
  • Fucking talk all over my camel fact!
  • Kate - I will!
  • Alex - OMG! Camel fact! Guys it's happening!
  • Matt - Camel feces so dry it is used as a fuel and their urine is sick as syrup.
  • Alex - That's amazing.
  • Mitch - Camel is fucking weird.
  • Breener - They're space animals.
  • Kate - Fucking Arabs and the shit they come up with.
  • Breener - You think they invented the camel.
  • Alex - If you make another cat barb penis joke I swear.
  • Matt - Alex only wants to hear a joke a maximum of 5 times.
  • Mitch - Ask my girlfriend.
  • Matt - You're both annoying.
  • Can we edit the IMDB page of the tornado and put it in every movie with a tornado?
  • They say Lewis Carroll was a pedophile. It's her voice.
  • Alex - You want to fuck her voice.
  • Kate- That's ok it's only her voice.
  • Matt - That's too old young, I don't know what the joke is now. o I like fucking older women or younger women?
  • Son of a bitch George Lucas. Space JEW.
  • Le Tran you are really fucking annoying.
  • Alex - The show would be easier if it was fact fact fact question over.
  • Matt - That's already this podcast. Play along with Mitch you retard fucking homo.

I will get in a fist fight. I'm afraid to fight Alex.

  • Alex - Why?
  • Matt - You're fucking nuts.

Why won't I watch Too Many Cooks live?

  • Alex - It's over 11 minutes long.
  • Breener - Welcome to Cooking with Period Blood with Matt.
  • Matt - Only the freshest.
  • Mitch - He would cook with jizz.
  • Matt - That's the secret ingredient you fucking dick!
  • Mitch - Now we have to close down the restaurant.
  • Matt - What's those things?
  • Mitch - Health inspectors?

Iwata took death and made it better. Like all the ones that died in World War 2. World War II 2 the Sequel. (Alex) Never listen to people. Le Tran like fucking garbage. You need to punch Mitch in the mouth.

  • Mitch - If we get Le to punch Rich RA Brawl.
  • Matt - Let's just fuck instead.
  • Mitch - Black Masks.
  • Matt - Tony Masks.
  • Kate - No

Mitch - We all wear Tony masks so it looks like he's fucking himself.

  • I'm awesome at my job. It's just everyone else sucks.
  • Kate - I'm glad you don't have kids. It would be you screaming at the dinner table and your kids don't understand anything.
  • Matt - No I'd beat the hell out of my kids.
  • Kate - With what?
  • Matt - Closed fists. It's okay. I have tiny baby hands. They wouldn't feel it anyway.
  • Breener - Wooden spoon Irish touchstone.
  • Matt - I got spanked a couple times but it wasn't anything I didn't want. It was oohh father don't stop. I got spanked when I went back in time.
  • If you say my name 3 times I appear in front of a mirror and jizz on you. If I told you my real name you would go to a mirror and I would run on empty.
  • Kate - I know your name if the last 4 years was a lie.
  • I can't stand my last name when the Greeks are going under. I'm like good. They've cursed me since I was born.
  • Kate - You should be proud of your Greek heritage. You remind me of Diogenes.
  • Matt - Who?
  • Kate - Diogenes was a contemporary of Plato who was an asshole. He lived in a big ceramic jar in the middle of town square and he jerked off in public and walk into Plato's house and stomped mud everywhere.
  • Matt - Are you fucking serious?
  • Kate - Legendary Alexander the Great wished to be Diagenes if I wasn't Diogenes was.
  • Matt - Oh my god, that's me!
  • Kate - People said please stop jerking off in public if only I can cure my hunger by rubbing my belly. If it were so easy as this. Diogenes goal in life was to troll everyone and piss of Plato.
  • Matt - Maybe he was an ancestor of mine. I still think philosophy is fucking bullshit.
  • Alex - Why do you think philosophy is bullshit? Is it because you don't like to think?
  • Matt - I hate existentialism, I hate absurdism. I hate thinking about things that don't fucking matter. Why do you want to think why a tree is a tree? We have science!
  • Alex - I like when the show is smart, it's still full of idiots.
  • Matt - Diogenes is who I wish to be in real life.
  • Kate- Socrates was put to death because he was so annoying.
  • Matt - Greece is a country full of fucking trolls. Trolling the world economy. Everyone uncle is dead. I'm Diploddacus.
  • Kate - You don't get a serious response faggot.
  • Matt - Bill Cosby is involved in Gamergate. He's a rich black guy. He deserves to die.
  • Kate- the Press is so detached from reality.
  • Alex - Mela like the Batman of Gamergate it's not over.
  • Kate - It's not over! Gamergate will never be over. It's a watchdog group. It's worth combating. The big final boss.
  • Matt - The president.
  • Kate - SPJ hearing. We have representatives! Oliver Campbell, Christina Hoff Summers, Milo Yiannopulous.
  • Matt- Which one of them will be busted for pedophilia which brings down the entire movement?
  • Kate - We'll see. It was supposed to be a debate but no SJW's came up. I wish some game journalists came out.
  • Matt - Because they're PR.
  • Kate - We only come out to a debate if a conclusion is reached before him. Neutral people go pro because anti people are so mean.


  • Satoru Iwata died.
  • Alex - Oh no I made fun of him 2 weeks ago.
  • Matt - Oh no Kotaku, send me a link to a better site. Rip an Piss.
  • Mitch - He's going Nintendo Directly to the sky.
  • Kate - My condolences directerry to you. Prease understand.
  • Matt - Why couldn't it be Miyamoto?
  • Alex - Break please.
  • Matt - To not sound like a true monster, sad that's he's dead and his family probably misses him. I don't miss him. 55 is too fucking young.
  • Kate- MS and Sony cutting edge graphics at $500.
  • Alex - The replacement he has doesn't hold bananas like Iwata.
  • Kate - Nintendo has more fun at E3 than other companies.
  • Mitch - The only thing to own is a PC and a Wii U.


  • Kevin Spacey does an excellent Irish accent.
  • I saw Mitch draw a Crow Bear and that was my first experience with Bioshock.
  • Fanny is the most popular name for a vagina here.
  • Kate - After the Civil War people wanted more fanny around.
  • I'm 19.
  • Alex - You made it! We can fuck him!
  • Breener - I got a cramp in my leg.
  • Alex - Perfect. He's wounded.
  • Mitch - Would you like to come in the RAPE chamber?
  • Kate - Did we make where we get RAPE acronyms on purpose or accident?
  • Mitch - It was a happy accident. Rape isn't good.
  • Matt - Unless you're Mattress Girl.
  • Kate - It wards them from the show.

Irish is a weird and unusual language.

  • Alex - Do you speak Gaelic?
  • Breener - It's called Irish don't say Gaelic.
  • Alex - Do you speak Analingus?
  • Breener - Irish fact of the week.
  • Mitch - With all these facts are we going to rename Did you know Bullshit?