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Length: 1:57:11

Hosts: Alex Drew Matt Tony

Intro: None

Closing Song: DuckTales to the Moon Remix

Content Covered:

  • Parody Porn
  • Porn Western vs. Asian
  • Porn inaccessibility pre 2000's.
  • Porn, Darktone doesn't jerk off to it not even once.
  • Biggest Gaming Loss question

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Matt started the virtual table.
  • Alex mentions Mortal Kombat first episode
  • Named Rough Draft by Darktone
  • Beginning introductions of first name, "GR forum name", last name
  • Alex just finished Red Dead Redemption
  • Dead Space 2 was a day one purchase for Tony.
  • Tony, Andy, and Alex were excited for Dead Island.
  • Pokemon White is Matt's first Pokemon game.
  • Alex mentions his knowledge of voice actors.
  • Problem with the Simpsons Porno.
  • None of the hosts get off to the Simpsons incest.
  • Andy piece together that Keith David was voice of Captain Anderson (Mass Effect) and Capt Foley (Modern Warfare 2)
  • Matt hates Jack Black in live action films post 2003.
  • Matt got Twilight Princess on Wii day one.
  • Alex's dad 6'3.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Every 20 years, 3D makes a disapointing comeback.
  • Matt "5'10." Andy "6'2" Tony "6'6" Alex - What the fuck I'm the smallest guy in the world?!
  • Thought Tony didn't jerk off due to a Boxing Theory of holding the load.
  • (Darktone) He's black and he doesn't believe in god
  • Lost all MK Armageddon data and all Souther park model clay figures he created.
  • 6'6 and 290 your load must be huge it creates an island!
  • Icebreaker, where do you get your porn?
  • It takes 2 girls to jerk Darktone off derpa derp derp.
    • Tony - That is half true.
  • Shared story about TURbo jamspace PAX East 2011.


  • Andy had a scary 3D whale experience which Alex also had the same scary 3D whale experience.
  • Mentions a gator ditch story and hunting gator with a bow.
  • Had an awesome airplane funeral story.
  • Owns 2 copies of Shaq Fu


  • Damn these kids are getting bigger and hormones. 7th graders are getting bigger boobs.
  • You son of a bitch. You're the guy that doesn't jerk off.
  • I got to give woman slack when they want to touch my penis.
  • There is no adventure in finding porn nowadays.
  • Matt finds women with eastern European accents attractive.
  • My masturbation is just like Solitaire.
  • I wonder why I was attracted to Dill Pickles. It was Tara Strong's voice.
  • I never see Japanese girls get fucked just blowjobs and titjobs.
  • Don't look up my porn you don't want to see my balls flapping.
  • (Jerking off) At first it was necessary and now it is out of boredom. I'll take 40 to 50 minutes.
    • Alex - That's a part time job.


  • Working at the theater, Tony would throw popcorn at a 3D audience to scare them during horror movies.

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