BroPan (short for 510BrotherPanda) is a fan of the podcast and the butt of many a joke from the hosts. The reason for this is that BroPan keeps continual correspondance with the hosts, and lets them know what he liked or disliked about a particular episode (usually just disliked), whether the host in question is interested or not. This has led to the "Fuckin' BroPan" meme, in which the hosts display their distaste for him, whether or not he had anything to do with the topic at hand. BroPan himself is offended by this meme.

Episodes BroPan was mentionedEdit

  • Episode 2 Matt "Fuck BroPan." Kate "He said our podcast was too gay." Tony "Let's dedicate this episode to BroPan. Matt "I apologize to fapping to BroPan"
  • Episode 5 Alex "Fuck you BroPan."
  • Episode 12 Curtis "BroPan I know you like our dickjokes. Not to be insulting but he's really weird."
  • Episode 20 Gabe "I'm isolating the retard audience. Sorry BroPan."
  • Episode 31 Mitch "What is BroPan again?"
  • Episode 33 Tony "The BroPan podcast"
  • Episode 38 Matt "Yeah BroPan avatar of that Big Busty Samus."
  • Episode 44 Kate "I know BroPan is a Christian but he is fucked up."
  • Episode 57 Matt "BroPan fucking doesn't matter. Alex "Talk about all the fans except BroPan." Matt "Stop sending me porn." Alex "Fucking BroPan."
  • Episode 58 Alex "Fuck you too BroPan." Tony "BroPan What the fuck?" Alex "Fucking Boring BroPan."
  • Episode 60 Alex "Fucking BroPan." Kate "BroPan messaged me saying why are you mean to me." Tony "BroPan is a loser." Alex "Fucking BroPan."
  • Episode 64 Alex "Fucking BroPan. Seriously?" Matt "Fucking BroPan. That's why he's such a moron."
  • Episode 65 Alex "Why would I do that to ruin Humankind? Fucking BroPan." Mitch "Why can't we hear him? He has those fucking slanted ears."
  • Episode 66 Alex "Fucking BroPan."
  • Episode 73 Mitch "Fuck you BroPan. I responded with chink mongoloid chink mongoloid chink mongoloid. We're not going to make fun of you." Kate "Unless you're BroPan."
  • Episode 82
  • Episode 95 Mitch "Speak of insensitive, BroPan."
  • Episode 100 Kate "BroPan is upset he can't use the word jabroni without getting insulted." Alex "Fucking BroPan."
  • Episode 103 BroPan named mention for Charlie Murder punk rock band name contest
  • Episode 105 Alex "BroPan is a muppet and not human."
  • Episode 108 Tstamp(1:19:10) Impersonating "He's making fun of Asians and I find that offensive."
  • Episode 111 Alex "BroPan doesn't follow gaming news."
  • Episode 112 Alex "BroPan made me upset by typing the words 'contest' with quotatios."